About This Class

In this class, I'm going to be teaching you the easiest way to create modern, loose and expressive roses in watercolor.  We will begin with a quick sketch composition using only circles and lines. Then, you’ll watch a demonstration of basic techniques, color mixing rose and leaf tones, mark-making and holding your brush.

After that, we will explore the different perspectives of roses and how to achieve them. Then we will add in the final tiny details and surrounding foliage. We'll bring it all together as we paint a stunning rose floral composition, resulting in a final painting made by you

What You'll Learn

  • Preparing Watercolor Paper
  • Mixing Your Paint Palette
  • Practice Mark-Making
  • Sketching Your Composition
  • Painting Roses
  • Painting Leaves & Stems
  • And more watercolor tips and tricks!

Who This Class is For

This class welcomes artists of all levels:

• Beginners: If you're new to watercolors, don't worry! We'll start with the basics and build your confidence step by step.

• Intermediate Artists: Ready to refine your skills? Learn new techniques to add depth and expression to your floral paintings.

• Advanced Painters: Discover fresh perspectives and loose techniques to breathe new life into your watercolor roses.

• Garden Enthusiasts: Capture the beauty of your favorite flowers on paper, creating lasting memories of your blooms.

Why Take This Class

Embark on a colorful journey and discover:

• Effortless Beauty: Learn to create roses with simple, expressive strokes.

• Modern Techniques: Master contemporary watercolor methods that bring a fresh, vibrant feel to traditional floral subjects.

• Versatile Skills: The techniques you'll learn can be applied to various subjects beyond roses.

• Stress Relief: Immerse yourself in the soothing process of watercolor painting, a perfect antidote to daily stress.

• Lasting Creations: Create beautiful artwork to display in your home or give as heartfelt gifts.

• Community: Join a supportive group of fellow artists and flower lovers, sharing your progress and inspiration.

By the end of this class, you'll have the skills and confidence to create vibrant, expressive rose paintings that capture the essence of these timeless flowers.

About the Instructor

Jenny K, known as @livingpattern on Instagram, is a passionate watercolor artist specializing in botanical paintings. With her unique style and expert techniques, Jenny brings the beauty of nature to life on paper.